Twisted Fairy Tales
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After moving in with Prince Charming, expecting to live happily ever after, Cinderella was devastated to find a closet full of glass slippers in many sizes and shapes.

Regina Giovana

Many years ago along the Amalfi Coast of Italia, there lived a true femme fatale, Regina Giovana. Every seven years, she threw her lover to the fish in the grotto.  There was always another waiting in line. Be it Danielli, Guido or Otto.

Rapunzel looses her virginity

Rapunzel, held captive by the age of twelve in a tower of isolation, suddenly feels a strange urge. Lustfully, she waits at her window. A man appears on the street below. The moon is full, she must have him. Playfully, she dangles her long golden braid down, daring him to climb it. Up he climbs into the window and onto Rapunzel.

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