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Raindrops are precious jewels of nourishment for the earth.  Like humans, each is unique while simultaneously part of a greater whole.  Water is the most vital resource and a basic necessity for all of life.  Yet in many developing countries, poor rural communities donít have the luxury of having a clean water system to sustain their communities.

The intention of the Raindrops Project is to affirm how precious every drop of water really is.  Like jewels, these unique hand-blown glass raindrops, adorned with dichroic mosaic, reflect a life-giving vitality into their environment.  Using design concepts reflecting, water, fire, earth and air each drop is a one of a kind creation and signed by the artist.

 10% of the sale of each of the precious drops will be donated directly to Global Water, an international non-profit organization founded in 1982 whose focus is creating safe water supplies, sanitation and hygiene-related facilities for rural villagers in developing countries. These projects have an immediate and life-changing impact, especially for the women and children who have the responsibility of gathering water for their families every day of their lives. As Global Water is a volunteer-based organization, virtually all contributions made to the organization go directly into water projects implemented by non-profit organizations in the respective developing countries.

Please enjoy them knowing your contribution has helped a great deal somewhere in the world!